forviemedia: 2004 ~

Forviemedia mixes news, articles, polemic and photos. Mice and shutters click away to capture pivotal moments in time not wasted.

Nothing is constant but change. News and Editorial and Links are refreshed daily, as is the Pageviews index - a hit parade charting traffic flow, added images, updates, new YouTube clips, blogs and media activism.

Content reflects progressive movements, battles winning and won, our resistance techniques and grassroots campaigns. We highlight 'red line' issues - Green news, climate change, fossil fuel reports, protests, international stories and Scottish affairs.

Archived posts - several addressing energy concerns - are in Blogs or with the photos in the galleries. We curate a challenging and facilitating portal, publishing previews, reviews and forceful views, image-led posts on topics such as urban and rural isolation, walks, Nature, land reform, planning controversies, public transport, Nordic affairs, nautical events, festivals, produce and products, trade union struggles, championing the vulnerable in the fight against austerity measures, protecting a troubled NHS and celebrating the welfare and human rights won by our progenitors.

Other writing tackles diverse subjects like sport, art, design, archaeology, drink, pubs, food, farming, fishing, humour, music, heritage, history, science, housing needs, technology, pets, education, poetry, books, exhibitions, TV, films and the stage.

As well as providing a hub for musicians, writers and artists, this site incorporates Forviews, a library with 500 photographs spread over nine galleries. The slideshow > offers a glimpse into each gallery.

Unless assigned or credited otherwise, all photography and words © Chris Ramsey.

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