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Clochemerle is an allegorical novel, a farce first published in 1934. Set in secluded Clochemerle-en-Beaujolais, a French town, it satirises the conflicts between Catholics and Republicans during the Third Republic, telling the story of the installation of a urinal on an alley beside a church and a cemetery.

Clochemerle becomes divided into Urinophobes and Urinophiles.

Written by Tom Sharpe, with help from Geoffrey Chaucer ...more

Commoners Choir


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News from Peterhead


There’s a myriad of projects and initiatives ongoing at Peterhead and its versatile port at present. This synopsis touches on the decommissioning of North Sea oil and gas installations and infrastructure. It emphasises the importance of the fishing industry and notes work at the port for both Hywind and the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre in Aberdeen Bay.
Aberdeen Bay from the trig point

Seagate, decommissioned Frigg field, Peterhead Power Station and Aberdeen Bay EOWDC location photographs © forviemedia ...more

Billy MacKenzie - the voice of an angel


Billy MacKenzie (27th March 1957 – 22nd January 1997) was a singer best known as a founder member of The Associates, the band he formed in Dundee with guitarist Alan Rankine.

The band experimented with unorthodox instrumentation and recording techniques, including sounds amplified through the tube of a vacuum cleaner on the track "Kitchen Person" in 1981.

’Party Fears Two’ from 1982 on Top of the Pops.

Dundee repertory theatre's trailer for 'Balgay Hill', a play based on a biography of Billy, 'The Glamour Chase' by Tom Doyle < ...more