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Billy MacKenzie - the voice of an angel


Billy MacKenzie (27th March 1957 – 22nd January 1997) was a singer best known as a founder member of The Associates, the band he formed in Dundee with guitarist Alan Rankine.

The band experimented with unorthodox instrumentation and recording techniques, including sounds amplified through the tube of a vacuum cleaner on the track "Kitchen Person" in 1981.

’Party Fears Two’ from 1982 on Top of the Pops.

Dundee repertory theatre's trailer for 'Balgay Hill', a play based on a biography of Billy, 'The Glamour Chase' by Tom Doyle < ...more



Bob Cooney. Part 3.

La Guerra 80 years on
Bob Cooney. Part 2. Spain. 'A war of the people fighting for independence against fascism' - Davie Anderson, fellow Aberdonian Brigader.



Eigg is the emerald amid the jewels that comprise the Inner Hebrideans. One of the Small Isles, it lies 10 miles off the north-west coast of Scotland, south of Skye. It has a population of around 100. Residents include basket producers, laceware makers, musicians, builders, farmers, bike/canoe renters, brewers, photographers, artists, museum staff, a taxi driver and a TV producer. The economy is driven by tourism, social services, public enterprises, agriculture, the creative industries and construction co-operatives.

In 1997 the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust – a partnership between the residents of Eigg, Highland Council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust - purchased the island for £1.5 million from its absentee owner, Marling Eckhard-Maruma. The lottery-financed Heritage Memorial Fund had refused to help finance a community buy-out, yet managed to find £13million to retrieve the Churchill family papers ...more

The Indus civilisation


'Picture a peace-loving Atlantic island ruled by reason. Its 54 cities are governed by educated officials and an elected-for-life prince. Although war hasn’t been abolished, it is used only as a last resort. People see no glory in fighting, and capture enemies rather than kill them. This is the original Utopia – the pagan, communist and pacifist world sketched out 500 years ago in Thomas More’s eponymous work of fiction.' Andrew Robinson, writing in New Scientist.

The ancient Indus civilisation covered the landmass of what is now parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. It thrived without conflict, flourishing for 700 years without warfare, weapons, armies, fortifications, colonialism, inequality or royalty ...more