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Commoners Choir

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Commoners Choir is dedicated to singing about the world around us, the inequalities and injustices. Employing four-part vocal harmonies, it voices opposition to such injustices. Commoners Choir reclaims the fun of making a big noise together without lugging round a vanful of instruments and amplifiers. The choir gathers and sings wherever it seems fitting.

'We are a strange yet open and inclusive choir that meet in Leeds. We come from all over the place and try to act more like a band or a gang. We sing our own songs, about the world immediately around us, about inequality, hope and Tory politicians. We have toured libraries, taken a boat-trip from Leeds to Castleford, celebrating the 1795 Corn Riots, commemorated Magna Carta, and we released an album in September.'

YouTube album trailer - 'Go Trespassing'.

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